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Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
9018 S. Rita Road
Tucson, Arizona 85747
Phone: 520.799.7812
Fax: 520.799.7816

Departmental Contact Information:

Management Department:
Oversees the day to day management of the Project Common Areas, Common Services, and Common Services Property.

Senior Facility  Manager
Richard Chase, PE, PMP
Phone: (520) 799-7810
Email:  rchase@uastp.com

Office Manager/Badging
Noah Lanich
Phone: (520) 799-7812
Email:  nlanich@uastp.com

Tenant Services Coordinator
Nick Filippone
Phone: (520) 799-7823
Email:  nfilippone@uastp.com

Operations Department:
Responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing of equipment of the Central Utility Plant, sanitary and industrial water treatment facilities, medium voltage, and common area/common services property maintenance, and construction management.

Project Engineer
Richard Chase, PE (Acting)

Phone: (520) 799-7810
Email:  rchase@uastp.com


Operations Manager
Troy Wilcox
Phone: (520) 799-7967
Pager: (520) 446-2171
Email:  twilcox@uastp.com

Plant Supervisor
Ray Krust
Phone: (520) 799-7811
Pager: (520) 446-4624
Email:  rkrust@uastp.com

Environmental Department:
Responsible for environmental compliance of the Common Areas and Common Services Property.

Environmental Manager
Kim Garcia
Phone: (520) 799-7831
Hotline: (520) 799-7815
Email:  kgarcia@uastp.com

Fire/Safety Department:
Management of the Project fire and safety services.

Sue Downing
Phone: (520) 799-7817

Email: sdowning@uastp.com

Fire Safety Email: safety@uastp.com


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